1. Atomic interferometer and its application 
        Gravity measuring instruments have a wide range of uses in resource exploration and environmental exploration. The atomic interferometer can be used for gravity measurement and is a new type of gravity measurement instrument. On the basis of the research work of atomic interferometer, carry out the application research of gravity measurement and atomic interferometer.
2. Precision measurement physics
       The development of atomic interferometer experimental technology provides a new way to verify the principle of weak equivalence in ground laboratories using atomic matter waves. Compared with neutrons, the use of atomic interferometers to verify the principle of equivalence has more advantages. Cold atoms have a very low velocity, and the sensitivity of cold atom interferometers far exceeds that of neutron interferometers; cold atoms have better coherence and can measure the change of g with higher accuracy. Therefore, it is possible to use the atomic interferometer to verify the principle of equivalence in the laboratory with higher experimental accuracy.
3. Single atoms and quantum information
4. Theoretical research